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Advice For Companies Purchasing Dewatering Screw Presses

Luis Harvey

If you have operations that require dewatering—where liquid is removed from solid materials like sludge—then you'll need to invest in a screw press. It can complete this task in an efficient, controlled manner. Just make sure you use these tips when buying said machinery.

Look For a Dependable Screw

One of the most important components of a dewatering screw press is the screw that rotates and subsequently moves sludge up the press while liquids collect at the bottom. You want to make sure this screw is dependable because then you'll get more out of this dewatering system.

The screw press should rotate in a steady manner and not have a lot of vibrations because that will safeguard this portion from wear and tear. Also, make sure the screw is powered by a high-quality motor. Then you'll be able to rotate the screw in a refined manner long-term. 

Make Sure Low-Speed Design Is Provided

You might think that you want a screw press to work quickly as to facilitate the dewatering process when sludge and liquids are involved. That's actually not advantageous because faster speeds can put the screw press under more pressure. Then it's more likely to fail.

Whereas if you get a dewatering screw press that has a low-speed design, you'll get better results because the screw portion of this machine isn't forced into working harder than it should. It will work in a gradual, consistent way and that's key for the longevity of said dewatering system.

Review Screw Presses in Action

You can feel better about investing in a particular screw press system if you see it actually work before purchasing. Then you can see how all of the different mechanisms perform, including the different stages of filtration and pumping mechanisms.

If you're not able to view a screw press work in real-time, ask the supplier for model simulations if they're available. They can give you a better sense of how this screw press is going to complete dewatering on a consistent basis. The machine that shows to be the most reliable and innovative might be something you consider purchasing for your site where dewatering is needed.

If dewatering is a relevant activity you'll be completing around a worksite, you'll need to get a screw press machine. Try to focus on key operational details that give you confidence before ever using this machine. Then you can feel confident dewatering is going to happen the way it needs to each time. 

Contact a dewater screw press seller for more information.