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I grew up on a ranch located in the southern United States. For as long as I can remember, my father has raised beef cattle. Every summer, he has the arduous task of baling cutting and arranging hay into bales. Because of the hot humid weather in our part of the country, my father particularly dreaded this summer chore when I was young. His hay baler didn’t contain an air conditioner in it. Thankfully, he has recently acquired a hay baler with this convenience. Now, he can cut his hay down without even breaking a sweat. If you’re thinking about getting into the cattle business, consider opting for an air conditioned hay baler immediately. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of buying a new state-of-the-art hay baler with a built-in air conditioning system.

Working in Comfort

Run A Small Cattle Operation? Why You Need To Invest In A Cattle Chute

Luis Harvey

If you're not using a cattle chute, now's the time to make the investment. If you're running a small cattle operation, you might think that you can get away without using a cattle chute, but that's not the case. In fact, without a cattle chute, you could be creating a hazardous situation for your cattle and for yourself. Read the list provided below. You'll find four important reasons to invest in cattle equipment such as a chute for your operations. 

Reduce Stress

If you don't have a cattle chute, there's a good chance that your cattle experience stress on a regular basis. You might not realize this, but moving cattle from one place to another can be stressful for cattle, especially when they don't have a clear path to follow. Unfortunately, stressed cattle can become unhealthy cattle quite quickly. In fact, prolonged exposure to stress can weaken your cattle's immune system and can lead to additional problems. To alleviate stress, invest in a cattle chute. 

Reduce Injuries

If you don't use a cattle chute on your farm, your cattle are at an increased risk for injuries. This is especially true where transfers are concerned. During the transfer, cattle can get crowded, especially when a chute isn't being used. Unfortunately, crowding can lead to injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries, you may need to end your cattle's suffering. Cattle chutes help to reduce crowding, which can protect your cattle from injuries, and the potential loss of cattle in the event of extreme injury. 

Improve Focus

If your cattle are being transferred without the use of a cattle chute, there's a good chance that the process isn't going as smoothly as it should. That's because cattle have a wide field of vision. Unfortunately, that means that cattle are unable to maintain focus when moving through open spaces. That's where a cattle chute comes into the picture. Because cattle chutes provide a narrow path, your cattle's field of vision has a narrow focus. Luckily, that reduces distractions and improves focus, which allows for a smooth transition for your cattle. 

Improve Safety

Finally, if you're not using a cattle chute, you could be at an increased risk for accidents and injuries. Without the chute, you need to use your own body to navigate movement for your cattle. Unfortunately, that means you're in the way should your cattle get spooked. A cattle chute provides a safe barrier between you and your cattle, which reduces your risk for accidents and injuries.