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I grew up on a ranch located in the southern United States. For as long as I can remember, my father has raised beef cattle. Every summer, he has the arduous task of baling cutting and arranging hay into bales. Because of the hot humid weather in our part of the country, my father particularly dreaded this summer chore when I was young. His hay baler didn’t contain an air conditioner in it. Thankfully, he has recently acquired a hay baler with this convenience. Now, he can cut his hay down without even breaking a sweat. If you’re thinking about getting into the cattle business, consider opting for an air conditioned hay baler immediately. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of buying a new state-of-the-art hay baler with a built-in air conditioning system.

Working in Comfort

Own A Farm And Have Crops? 3 Types Of Crop Sprayers You Can Use

Luis Harvey

If you own a farm and have crops you want to do everything you can to keep the crops in good condition. One way you can do this is to use a crop sprayer. This will protect your crops from pests that can damage or even kill them, as well as provide much-needed nutrients to your crops. Below are three types of crop sprayers you can choose from, so you purchase the right one for your farm. 

Low-Pressure Crop Sprayer

A low-pressure crop sprayer sprays the pesticide, fertilizer, etc. at low pressure so it goes much slower. This is beneficial as it gives the spray time to coat your crops or get down into the soil if using as fertilizer.

The type of sprayer you choose will depend on the size of your crop area and the type of vehicle you will be using to spray the crops. For example, there are low-pressure sprayers that are made to mount on a trailer, mount on a tractor, or mount on a truck. A tractor-mounted crop sprayer works well for small farms, a trailer-mounted sprayer work best for medium-sized farms, and a truck-mounted crop sprayer works well for larger crop fields. 

High-Pressure Crop Sprayers

There are also sprayers that spray at high pressure. This allows the spray to get through thick brush and cover a crop field much faster. This will save you time, but high-pressure crop sprayers are more expensive than low-pressure crop sprayers in many cases. 

A high-pressure sprayer is generally much heavier than a low-pressure sprayer. Because of this, it is commonly attached to a larger tractor to apply the pesticide, fertilizer, etc. to your crops. This is also the best type to choose if you have a large crop field. 

Air Carrier Crop Sprayer

Another type you can choose is an air carrier crop sprayer. You will also hear this type called an air blast or mist blower crop sprayer. This type is used to spray pesticides on your crops. It sprays at a high speed, so it reaches a wider range of crops. This is beneficial if you have a large crop field. 

The air carrier crop sprayer sprays the pesticide onto the crops, and it coats the leaves and stems protecting them from pests. It will also kill pests that may already be on the crops. It does all of this without damaging your crops at all. 

Contact a store that sells crop sprayers to help you choose what would work best for your farm. For more information on crop spraying, contact a professional near you.