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Sealcoating Squeegee — Purchasing Insights To Remember

Luis Harvey

If you plan to apply a sealcoat to asphalt, then it's important to invest in a squeegee. It's what you'll use to move the sealcoat around to different areas that you want protected from the elements. As long as you use this guide, you can find the perfect squeegee for sealcoating.

Make Sure Sealcoating Application Is Supported

You can find all sorts of squeegees on the market today, and they can have different applications. You need to make sure you get one that's specifically designed for asphalt sealcoating.

Then you can trust it will be built in a strategic way that lends itself to this project and thus helps you have optimal application results from start to finish.

For instance, sealcoating squeegees typically have a lightweight design and synthetic materials for the blade. Fortunately, the application of squeegees should be listed for you to see. 

Verify the Body Is Long Enough

There are a couple of important parts of a squeegee that will be used for sealcoating asphalt. The body is one of the most important because it's what you'll hold onto as you manipulate the squeegee around asphalt when applying a sealcoat.

You need to make sure this body is long enough that you can hold the squeegee comfortably, as well as maintain maximum control. Squeegee bodies come in a lot of different sizes, but you can tell which dimensions are optimal by holding squeegees in person. This makes it easy to find a squeegee body that is compatible with your height and holding preferences. 

Look For a Blade That's Long

Another way squeegees can vary is in the length of their blades. This is a very important physical attribute to get right because it determines how you'll be able to manipulate a sealcoat around asphalt surfaces.

The bigger this blade is from a length standpoint, the better because it will help you treat more of the asphalt surface that you're working on. You then won't have to make as many passes as you distribute a sealcoat over an asphalt surface, such as a driveway or patio. Length dimensions for a squeegee's blade will be provided by suppliers, making it easy to find the perfect instrument. 

If you want to have success applying a sealcoat to asphalt, then you need to choose a squeegee that's built well and is specifically designed for this type of work. Then you'll have nothing but optimal application results. 

Contact a company like B & E Sealcoat Products, Inc to learn more.